Bowen Therapy - Beatriz Martinez - Therapist

Your role

Once you have started with Bowen treatment, it is very important to keep this level of wellbeing by following a simple set of instructions. 

  • 48 hours after treatment - do not do any strenuous  exercises or any activity that your body is not use to.
  • Ensure that you drink plenty of water - approx 8 glasses per day.  If you find this difficult because you are not use to drinking so much water, then just increase the amount you are taking now and start a habit of having a glass/bottle of water with you wherever  you go.
  • Do not sit upright for more than 1 hour as it will block the good work that has been done by the therapy.  If you work in an office, leave your work station and walk around for a few minutes then come back.
  • Follow the specific exercises given to you to do at home to help your body become stronger and regain utility.

I will be with you through the course of treatment, therefore if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me on by email - text - or call me.

Best of luck on your journey to recovery

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