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Emerald Mist Clinic - Blue Mountains

Beatriz Martinez - Nutritionist / Bowen Therapist / ISBT Bowen Teacher for NSW

About me

My aim is to help people who suffer from pain and discomfort by providing long term relief with Bowen Therapy, especially for those with chronic conditions. I have a clinic located in Katoomba providing a clean, peaceful and very friendly environment.

I have become a qualified Bowen therapist since 2007 with the International School of Bowen Therapy. I have a Bachelor of Medical Health Science qualifying in Nutrition and Dietetics. I have also undertaken the rigorous training to become a Bowen Therapy Teacher of the ISBT Foundation course. I belong to the Bowen Therapist Federation of Australia as well as ANTA (Australian Natural Therapists Association) and have full insurance with Arthur J. Gallagher & Co (Aus) Limited.

About Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy works on the muscle fascia (lining tissue all over our bodies). By applying small gentle moves, each at a specific site, the fascia is released giving a signal to the muscle and nerves to return to the correct position. The treatment is pleasant as the manoeuvre is light across the fiber, tendon or ligament, with no forceful manipulation. There is a 2 minute waiting period between each of the moves to allow time for the signal to be received and for your muscles to make the changes necessary before commencing the next sequence of moves. The circulation between fascia and the muscle will increase removing toxins and enhancing the overall circulation. There will be marked improvement of pain, discomfort and body alignment.

If you would like more information about the Therapy, please click on the document below.

Bowen Therapy notes.docx (DOCX — 92 KB)

Your feedback is very important - Please add your comments and your expericence with the treatment. Let us know if we can publish your commentary on this web site so that others can learn about the ways that it helps different people.

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I have no back pain or arthritis I do suffer terribly from restless legs syndrome and low iron. Since 2 sessions of Bowen with Beatrice I have not had any nights which I have suffered with the syndrome. My iron levels are still low and am taking iron tablets for the condition. Overall I feel more positive and less stressed about every day problems and am more at peace within myself. Beatrice has magical hands and I will continue on a monthly basis to maintain my well being. I feel "fizzy" after the sessions and it is 

something I cannot describe but it is a pleasant overall feeling of which I could become accustomed to. I found Beatrice by fluke after walking my dog and meeting her son and her dog on walks and both furry friends are best poochie buddies. It must have been meant to be that I undertake something I never really thought about or had any confidence in. I have since recommended Beatrice and her marvellous treatment to my landlady and after 1 session she is converted! Thank You Beatrice:)



Bowen Therapy has helpped immensely. I am 80 years old and suffer from muscle and joint pain. I used to take anti-inflammatory drugs, but as they cannot be taken for long periods of time, most of the time I have endured the pain. Since starting with Bowen therapy, I haven't looked back. It has helped me with sciatic pain, elbow joint arthritis and it has greatly improved my bunions. Even though I no longer suffer pain, I still like to have Bowen Treatment every 2 weeks to help with my circulation and keep the pain away. Anatolio Gopar


Bowen Therapy has changed my life dramatically.

Suddenly two years ago I started suffering from Vertigo, falling/stumbling, Nausea and Vomiting this went on for over a year. After many visits to Doctors it was found that I had suffered irreparable damage to the Semi Circular Canals that controls the balance in the ear.

The only solution was to destroy this area of the ear but this would leave me with no balance at all in my right ear. I was told that I probably would not play tennis, golf or even drive a car again and definitely not ride my Motorbike again.

After all the balance was destroyed I started Bowen Therapy with Beatriz Martinez, attending weekly sessions for over a year and now I don’t suffer from vertigo at all, the Nausea has stopped, I don’t Stumble or fall any more and most importantly I am driving the car, back playing tennis and golf again and now I am looking toward getting back on the Motorbike.

I can highly recommend Beatriz as a Bowen Therapist she provides a very professional service in a very calm and relaxing environment. And she has gone out of her way to find out more about my condition and to contact others in her industry on how she can help me more.

Brad Sharpe

38 Years Old

Mortdale, NSW


Bowen Therapy has given back my enjoyment of life..... I suffered a bicycle accident late 2012. From being very active I was stopped in my tracks. My GP advised me that over time it would come right. May 2013 I arrived home from an overseas trip, with a chronic condition that I could only describe as an early onset of arthritis. Once again I made that trip to my GP and after many blood tests etc I was told I had contracted some mystery virus and allergy and all I could do was take pain relief.... I was at that point of dispear when a friend suggested I come and see Beatriz. I was off the medication after my second session Back on a plane after my 6th session and back on my bicycle. I cant stop telling my friends and colleagues about my transformation and well being. It has truly been life changing. Your an Angel Beatriz BOWEN THERAPY WORKS