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A New Year 2017

A new year starts and there are many changes for 2017!  I have increased my working hours at the clinic to better accommodate clients, even for busy people that don't have a lot of time to set aside for treatment.  I will be working Monday to Saturday from 9am to 7pm, I hope this makes it easier for most people.

I am also endeavouring to teach Bowen Therapy in Sydney and hopefully this year I will be able to have the accreditation needed.  I believe that Sydney needs to have more Therapists so those who are interested to start their Bowen Therapy business, let me know.

Change of Address

The Bowen clinic is now in Cronin Street, Penshurst NSW 2222.
Although it is a different place, the same levels of cleanness and friendly atmosphere are kept. Last summer I had completed the last level in Bowen Therapy with the ISBT school in Melbourne.  It has been a great experience where I have learned so much more and now I am considering further my career into teaching this technique which is so incredible.  This will be a long process but one that I believe is very useful due to the fact that not many people know about this type of therapy and I would like to help widen the awareness.

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A New Year 2017
Change of Address


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